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Please ensure you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox 64-bit and a stable internet connection.

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We recommend watching the Body Interact tutorial if you are not familiar with the simulator and its features

BI Studio

The BI studio is where Educators can assign sessions to the students, track their learning progress and find detailed information about each scenario.

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Help Center

In the Help Center you can find instant answers to the most common questions and quick videos to learn how to use Body Interact like a pro.

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I'm having issues loading Body Interact

Currently Body Interact is best used on the web version, on desktops and laptop devices.
Not all mobile devices are fully supported yet, however you can download the Body Interact app on App Store (iOS 13.0 or later) .

Body Interact is running slow

For a smoother experience, please follow these tips:

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection
  • Clean your web browser’s cache and reload the page
  • Enable your system firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections
  • Ideally, you must only have one tab open in your browser for Body Interact
  • Use the fullscreen mode for a higher quality experience and performance

Fullscreen mode is not working

If you are using Body Interact on the Safari web browser, our fullscreen mode is not supported yet.
If you are using a Mac Operating System, please run Body interact on Firefox or Chrome, in order to use the fullscreen mode.

There are some missing text characters on Body Interact

Please toggle between fullscreen mode and windowed mode. This will refresh the components and the text characters will appear.

How can I change the language of Body Interact?

The language function can be changed inside the application, by going to Settings > Language.
Please note that Body Interact is not yet fully translated in all languages listed as available.

Where are the clinical scenarios my Educator has assigned me?

The sessions assigned to you will appear in the Training Center folder. The clinical scenarios are available inside each session.

How can I contact the Body Interact team?

If you are experiencing any issues with the platform, need help or would like to make a suggestion, please send an email to

iOS 13.0 or later

Android 9.0 or later